Design and Engineering Services 

Innovation in design can determine whether a product merely enters the market or truly shapes and defines it.

Setting the Standard in Design

Working alongside your team, our skilled professionals strive to create products that excel from the outset. We tackle your challenges with inventive solutions, providing you with a competitive advantage in your market.

Facilitating the swift and cost-effective introduction of new products, we enhance the competitiveness of your current inventory. Our collaborations within the design ecosystem empower us to offer increased flexibility, scale, and support, all achieved by utilizing one of the industry's largest fully validated SW/FW and HW Technology Building Blocks.

Accelerate Time to Market  

Our engineering proficiency encompasses the entire product lifecycle, including development, testing, assembly, quality assurance, and reliability, resulting in accelerated time-to-market, improved product quality, and reduced overall product costs.

Product Development: Collaborating with Powerwave early in the process ensures heightened quality, faster deployment, and the most economical ownership costs throughout the product's lifecycle.

Established Product Accelerators: We invest in the creation of proven reference designs and proprietary product platforms, expediting the product development journey and enabling a quicker entry into the market.